Heyjacker is a clothing company which local brand grow and develope in Bandung, Indonesia since 2011. Deeply concern in outerwear. Based of Daily Traveler concept, we made stuff for daily activity with three principle, Detail, Function, and Quality. We interest to make something new about outer that for use daily, we saw Indonesian people has high mobility to do their activity. We adapt our product to support their activity, without forget to add the touch of fashion that they can match with their style.


The Product

Heyjacker’s product made by three component, detail, function, and quality (D.F.Q). Heyjacker always take an interest in D.F.Q component, for making the best product for you. We designed product with some fashion designer, for suitable to daily traveler activity. Our Products also have function for support the daily traveler activity. Aside from fit in your body, and comfortable when you use it, the product’s function is no less important. The Last Important component which offered is quality. We put two qualities, material and sewing that become our priority.